GRC Conference 2023

We have invited excellent speakers from many corners of the world and we have an extraordinary program. You have the possibility to earn 19 CPE, if you attend all sessions on April 26 and April 27, and watch all pre-recorded sessions.

GRC Conference 2023 will consist of one day April 26 at Clarion Hotel Sign . There will be an opportunity to attend a day two April 27 at World Trade Center. 
We offer a package solution where you can choose to buy tickets for either:

  • Day one (April 26)
  • Day one and two (April 26 & 27)
  • Day two (April 27)

Day one (April 26)
Venue: Clarion Hotel Sign, Stockholm

Day one offers three tracks with live speakers and the conference moderator will be Anna Olin Kardell. The GRC Conference has the following tracks:

Track 1: Hot topics within GRC
Track 2: Leadership & Communication
Track 3: Sustainability (ESG) & Ethics

You will also have the opportunity to mingle with colleagues and also enjoy dinner together. In addition, during a few weeks, all conference delegates that attended day one (April 26) will also be able to see pre-recorded sessions through a technical solution provided.

Read more about the program here 

Day two (April 27)
Venue: World Trade Center, Stockholm

Day two consists of workshops with interesting content for internal auditors. Each workshop has a limit of approx. 25 attendees and are available on a first-come-first-served basis. You have the opportunity to choose to attend maximum two workshops, one session in the morning (9:00-11.30) and one session in the afternoon (12:30-16:00). It will be possible to choose from these 8 workshops:

Morning sessions
Optimizing Internal Controls (09:00-11:30), Swedish
The Dark Triad of Ethicality: How Illusory Superiority, Bounded Ethicality, and Confirmation Bias Impact Ethical Decision-Making (09:00-11:30), English
Risk Management and Risk Quantification (09:00-11:30), English
Conducting Internal Audits Using ERM, (09:00-11:30), English

Afternoon sessions
The Role of Internal Auditor in the Corporate Zoo (12:30-16:00), English
Creating Algorithms for AI Analytics- A workshop about how to get started (12:30-16:00), Swedish
Detecting Deception: The Body Tells A Story, But The Chances of Reading It Accurately Are Problematic? (12:30-16:00), English
Sponsor workshop with FCG/Transcendent Group: ESG- regler i all ära men hur bidrar internrevisionen till en sundare verksamhet? (12:30-16:00), Swedish

Read more about the program here

Access to prerecorded sessions and CPE-certificate
In order to see all the pre-recorded sessions you will get access to the material through a technical solution. Afterwards you have to report to IIA Sweden what you have seen and after some checks you will be granted a CPE-certificate.

Accomondation for conference guests at Clarion Hotel Sign
Our partner and venue for day one (April 26), Clarion Hotel Sign, offers our guests a discount of 12% on the daily rate at Nordic Choice Hotel’s website. Make your reservation here and enter your discount code: “meet 12”

Here are some statistics on 2022’s conference in Stockholm: