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Mark Smalley

Mark Smalley, also known as The IT Paradigmologist, thinks, writes and speaks extensively about IT paradigms – in other words our changing perspectives on IT. His current interests are the digital enterprise, IT operating models, value of IT, business-IT relationships, co-creation of value, multidisciplinary collaboration, working with complexity, and as the overarching theme, management of information systems in general. Mark is an IT Management Consultant at Smalley.IT and Master Trainer for GamingWorks’ The Phoenix Project DevOps business simulation. He is Global Ambassador at the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA). He is a contributor to bodies of knowledge such as ASL, BiSL, BRM, COBIT, IT4IT, ITIL, and VeriSM. Mark has lectured at various universities and has spoken at hundreds of events in more than twenty countries.

From Systems Thinking to Systems Tinkering

For the past half century, systems thinking was the dominant management paradigm. But now we are well into the service and experience economy, a new approach is needed. Behaviour in our current complex adaptive systems can’t be predicted – it just emerges. This requires a more experimental “systems tinkering” approach. Learn how the sense-making Cynefin framework offers different strategies fordealing with systems that are obvious, complicated, complex or chaotic. Or simply unknown. Durin this session you will learn how to free yourself from restrictive process and project constructs, how to diagnose order, complexity and chaos, and how to act effectively in each of these domains.

Nikola Korbar

Nikola Korbar is CEO of Center for Economic Research Belgrade and cryptocurrency and blockchain professional with three years of experience in this area. His main areas of work are Education, Consulting and Blockchain Project Development and currently works on two separate blockchain projects. He has a degree in Economy and went trough training for Internal Audit and Risk Management, giving him a much wider view on obstacles and issues many companies face when considering blockchain adoption.

Blockchaining Risk, Governance and Compliance

Implementation of blockchain technology is now more available than in the past decade and is seeing more widespread adoption, but as we seen with any new technology, it does not happen without it’s risks and issues. The goal of Blockchaining Risk, Governance and Compliance presentation is to introduce the audience with features and advantages of using the blockchain technology, but also with risks and issues associated with them – and how to reduce them as much as possible. With blockchain platforms becoming faster with every new generation, it is only a matter of time before we witness blockchain implementation on a much bigger scale, and it is desirable to be prepared for blockchain-friendly environment. The session provides an introduction to critical blockchain for business features, focusing on how to identify which areas of the business would benefit most from
blockchain technology, as well as the risks of implementing blockchain into the business.

Bruno Soares

Bruno Soares has more than 18 years of Information Systems Professional Services experience, particularly in GRC-related areas, Information Security & Privacy, and Digital Transformation. He started his career at Deloitte Consulting, worked for Information Risk Management area at KPMG Portugal, and for Enterprise Risk Services area at Deloitte Portugal. He is also the founder of GOVaaS (Governance Advisors as-a-Service), where he currently works as a Senior Advisor. Bruno is enthusiastically devoted to advising, teaching and training professionals and organisations in Portugal, Angola, Brazil and Mozambique, and actively collaborates with an ecosystem of local and international partners, particularly IDC Portugal where he since 2015 also acts as Leading Executive Senior Advisor for Digital Transformation, Governance, Strategy and Security related areas. He has a 5 years degree in Management and Computer Science from ISCTE, an Executive Program in Project Management from ISLA Campus Lisbon, and he teaches in different Masters, MBAs and Executive Programs in some of the most prominent Portuguese universities. Bruno is also the founder and President of the ISACA Lisbon Chapter.

Govern Artificial Intelligence or Be Governed by It: the New Nature of Risk

Digital transformation has significantly changed organisations’ risk tolerance and exposure to security risk. AI, IoT, automation, and networked ecosystems bring a broader risk exposure to all organisations. More organised threat actors exploit more vulnerable technologies that have larger attack surfaces. Ransomware, cybercrime, and even nationstate attacks are increasingly common events that cause significant business disruptions, costs, and reputational damage. At the same time, regulations, publicity, fines, and costs force risk tolerances lower, requiring new thinking, priorities, and vigilance. Improving the Governance and Management of Enterprise Information and Technologies cannot wait! Innovation requires new thinking in security and risk management and COBIT is right there to support you. During this session you will learn how to understand the new nature of risk related with digital transformation, the importance of a good governance and management of enterprise IT to create value in a digital transformation context, but also how COBIT and ISACA related knowledge and resources can support organisations on this journey.

Pär Johansson, grundare och verksamhetsledare Glada Hudik-teatern.

I huvudet på en normalstörd

Trots massivt motstånd från omgivningen startade Pär Johansson Glada Hudik-teatern, en teatergrupp där utvecklingsstörda och normalstörda skådespelare agerar sida vid sida.

Sedan 1996 har teaterns framgång tydliggjort det goda ledarskapet och hur resultat nås när man vågar konfrontera sin egen och andra människors okunskap, osäkerhet och fördomar. Pär är flerfaldigt belönad både som ledare och talare och visar i sitt arbete på hur individer kan utvecklas, trots att de till synes har svaga förutsättningar att lyckas. Han daltar inte eller tycker synd om människor, istället driver han dem framåt genom att behandla dem med respekt och ta dem på allvar.

Hans devis är: det är bättre att vara riktigt bra på en sak än halvdålig på tio. Oavsett om talangen är att stapla konservburkar eller att sjunga som en fågel. Att få visa vad man kan och få uppskattning ger ytterligare växtkraft.

Förutom utsålda Sverige-turnéer innehåller Glada Hudik-teaterns resa bland annat framträdanden i New York, långfilmen ”Hur många lingon finns det i världen?” och den folkkära reklamfilmskaraktären ICA-Jerry.

Pär drivs av en stark passion för det han gör, en del skulle kalla det galenskap. Efter en dryg timme med både skratt och gråt får vi ett kvitto på vad som kan ske om man tänjer på gränserna, trotsar fördomar, tror på människor och ger dem en chans att utvecklas.